Grant Wood (1891-1942)


Grant Wood achieved international recognition with his painting "American Gothic", a portrait of a husband and wife in front of their Iowa farm. Along with Thomas Hart Benton and John Steuart Curry, Wood formed the core of a new American art movement called Regionalism. He traveled and studied in Paris three times in the 1920s. Wood embraced lithography late in his career (1937) when he delved into this medium with the artistic fervor previously reserved for oil painting. He often borrowed from his childhood memories of life in Iowa, where he had carefully observed the world around him—the plowed fields, the growing corn, the seasons, the animals and the people. Although he received no formal degree after high school, he was very much an educator, teaching art in the Cedar Rapids public schools, the Stone City Art Colony, and as an associate professor of fine arts at what is now the University of Iowa. He created 19 lithographs in all, with many of them representing the seasons and the months of the year.
Grant Wood signed lithograph January
Grant Wood signed lithograph Seed Time and Harvest
Grant Wood signed lithograph Tree Planting Group
Grant Wood signed lithograph In The Spring
Grant Wood signed lithographSultry Night available at www.originalprint.com
Grant Wood signed lithograph December Afternoon
Grant Wood signed lithograph Approaching Storm
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